Meal planning, how and why should you start?

Today, more and more people want to focus more on healthy eating habits and of course save a bit of money on those expensive groceries.

I have done meal planning for a couple of years now, finetuning almost every month. And I can finally say I have found the way that works for best for me. Most of my friends tend to be impressed when I tell them how I do what I do, thinking it takes up so much of my time and it’s not worth it to them. And that’s where they are wrong. In fact, it saves me so much time, I mostly get dinner cooking in less then a few minutes. And when at the last moment a friend comes over, I don’t have any problem with it, because I always have plenty on hand. It doesn’t take me that more effort to wip something up.

Of course before all this there was a reason. Let’s be honest, you don’t start an adventure like this for “just because I want to”. For myself it was finding a way to live healthier and help my family have happier tummies. We have irritable bowel syndrome and that can make us feel pretty sick when we eat the wrong foods. But what is wrong? And how many times can I cheat? Because I couldn’t live without another pizza or hamburger for the rest of my life. So I started to figure out what was making us feel so sick.

First thing I did was eating the primary first, leaving out anything I could think off that was “bad”. Pizza (which was really hard!), hamburgers and fries, mainly anything I didn’t completely make myself. We did that for a few weeks and I did notice a lot less symptoms, but we weren’t there yet. So I started looking into my greens, because how could we still have issues after leaving all this yummy out? Thankfully the internet is loaded with information. But you do need to be careful, because what works for someone else, doesn’t necessarily work for you. I started journaling our meals and symptoms. Trying to figure out what wasn’t working for us. And now I can say, I think I know so much more! Sure the journaling wasn’t my favorite at first… But then, when I needed to find an answer and found it in my own journal, I was so relieved I did take the effort! Finally I had something that worked for us. And that’s where everything started to make sense. I began designing my own planner, so I could journal and keep track of everything that was important for us.

At first I started making most of what we eat myself, from bread to ketchup, from jam to soups. Along the way I figured out what worked for us, thankfully. And all I could think about was how am I going to keep this up? Working, a daughter as a single parent, friends, keeping my house clean and starting a business for myself… I started looking into canning and oh boy, I was hooked! This made all the difference to me. I began to make batches of our most beloved homemade foods and at dinner time I could sit and enjoy instead of trying to keep myself awake, because my days were always to long. The very first thing I canned was ketchup. And it’s a staple I still can’t live without, well my version that is 😉

My planner became somewhat of a bible to me. I started making everything important. Now I have a schedule for most I can think of. Of course, that doesn’t have to work for you. But why not try to be healthier? Enjoy more time with your family and friends. And the best part of all is that I can keep my grocery bills down! Buying groceries when they are on sale makes all the difference. I can buy them in bulk and process them in the way I choose. Now I can cheat sometimes, without the major issues of our symptoms, because our base is so much more healthier. And trust me, living without the guilt makes us so much happier 😉.

After a lot of friends telling me how my planner evolved into something that was worth selling, I started my business. Last december 2016 the first edition of my planner went up for sale and since then I have made stickers to join. The next products are going to involve meal planning. If you want to keep updated, subscribe to our newsletter 🤗

If you would like to take a look, you can look at our shop on Etsy.

And remember the first recipe I made? My now famous ketchup… Here’s the recipe for you!




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