Meal planning Part 3; Freezing

My freezer became more and more empty. I still used it for my bread and some basic items, but I wanted to make a better use of the space I had left. After canning and drying I found that there were still a few things that could help me. 

The first thing I did was making rice, lots of it. I divided it into portions with enough for two people. So when dinner time came, I just had to make whatever I wanted, to go with the rice. Steam some vegetables and prepare some meat with it. Warm up the rice (with 10 minutes left, add it to the steamer). Less clean up, no more leftover rice, (because my rice cooker can’t handle just for two) and the taste of a fresh meal!

Another item I love to keep in my freezer is pureed pumpkin. I do have pumpkin soup pressure canned, but I do love more pumpkin in it. If the soup you are canning is more of a pureed substance (especially pumpkin) it is not save to can. So one jar (1 pint, about 500 ml) of soup with one portion (1/2 pint, about 250 ml) pureed pumpkin. I have a few pureed vegetables in my freezer. They work well in soups, stews and sauces.

Next up are ice cubes… But different! I have red wine, pureed tomato, beef bouillon and spinach for example. I use them to add flavour to my dinner (pasta, sauces and so on). Most of the times you need just that bit of extra and this works especially well for me. I bought ice cube trays in different sizes, so I can choose the portion size. After the cubes are frozen I put them in a ziplock freezer bag or freezer save box. Wash the tray and its usable for the next time.

I’ve been busy at the shop, preparing for digital downloads and customizable products. All the product photo’s are updated. The specifications are more elaberate and the digitals are in progress. Here are some pictures of my recent designs;

As always, if you have any questions, or would like to see anything added to my shop, just ask me ;-)


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