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Sometimes you just want to be able to do it yourself, don’t have to wait for your order to arrive… And now that’s possible!
We bought a new cutter, the Brother ScanNCut. And how much I love it! The only downside is that I have to re-design everything. Before I used a Silhouette Cameo. How easy the ScanNCut is; how simple the free software that comes with it. It was just not enough for designing print & cut… Searches and searches later (on the internet) I got my answer: SCAL 4 (sure cuts a lot 4).

We bought the basic version. I have to say, I’m really impressed! The best part is now I can save my files into svgs. And that where my story begins :-)

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Meal planning Part 2; Drying

After my initial canning obsession, I started to look into drying my produce. Just because I didn’t like the taste of some foods canned and all the space they take up. Mushrooms are the best example. They just came out ruined in my opinion. Another thing I found, is that not all vegetables and fruits hold up that good with canning. Sometimes I like my vegetables still to be crisp, in soup for instance. Don’t get me wrong, I have canned soups on hand; pumpkin, tomato, beef… The thing I started doing different is that when I need to make soup for more then two (just us) I  now use my dried vegetables. I cook the broth with the vegetables and then add the canned chicken meat or tomato soup. This does not only insure we don’t always eat the same soups, it’s less expensive and way more time-efficient! Continue reading

Meal planning, how and why should you start?

Today, more and more people want to focus more on healthy eating habits and of course save a bit of money on those expensive groceries.

I have done meal planning for a couple of years now, finetuning almost every month. And I can finally say I have found the way that works for best for me. Most of my friends tend to be impressed when I tell them how I do what I do, thinking it takes up so much of my time and it’s not worth it to them. And that’s where they are wrong. In fact, it saves me so much time, I mostly get dinner cooking in less then a few minutes. And when at the last moment a friend comes over, I don’t have any problem with it, because I always have plenty on hand. It doesn’t take me that more effort to wip something up. Continue reading