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Meal planning Part 1; Canning

My meal planning adventures started with canning. It was a huge deal for me, because I had the opportunity to buy everything at once, thanks to a pretty big bonus at work. The possibility to make some recipes in bulk and being able to just put them in the pantry. In stead of having to put them all in the freezer. Saving money on my electricity bill. I had only one small freezer and for the most I used it for bread and meats. I just didn’t have the space to store anything more in bulk. I went online for my search and found the items I needed. Here’s the list of what I bought;

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Meal planning, how and why should you start?

Today, more and more people want to focus more on healthy eating habits and of course save a bit of money on those expensive groceries.

I have done meal planning for a couple of years now, finetuning almost every month. And I can finally say I have found the way that works for best for me. Most of my friends tend to be impressed when I tell them how I do what I do, thinking it takes up so much of my time and it’s not worth it to them. And that’s where they are wrong. In fact, it saves me so much time, I mostly get dinner cooking in less then a few minutes. And when at the last moment a friend comes over, I don’t have any problem with it, because I always have plenty on hand. It doesn’t take me that more effort to wip something up. Continue reading